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DEEPCOOL Intros Dracula High Performance VGA Cooler


´╗┐´╗┐DEEPCOOL, a professional manufacturer of CPU cooler, VGA cooler, Laptop cooler, Case fan and other computer cooling devices, launches Dracula, a high-end VGA heatsink today. This VGA cooler will be categorized in the Gamer Storm series, which aims at gaming players.

Dracula is specially designed for high-end VGA cards, such as NVIDIA GTX580 and ATI RADEON HD6970. 12 pieces of L-shaped heat pipes are soldered into two separate aluminum heatsinks, which provides excellent heat transfer and heat dissipation. With a convex copper base, it can touch the GPU tightly and leaves no gap between.

A whole set of fan mounting brackets are provided in the package for you to install cooling fans. It is compatible with three 14cm fans or four 12cm fans; even with low-speed 92mm fans, Dracula can easily cool down 250W GPU.

The body of Dracula is fully shiny silver nickel plated in order to protect the cooler from erosion or oxidation and therefore prolong its service life.

The mounting holes on this VGA cooler are:
43mm, 51mm, 61mm, 51-61mm, 53mm, 58mm, and 80mm.

Some of the supported high-end VGA cards are listed below:
NVIDIA GTX470/480, NVIDIA GTX560/570/580, NVIDIA GTX 460/560
ATI RADEON HD6970/6950/6870/6850/4870/850; RADEON HD5770/5750/5670