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AMD Bulldozer Based FX-8150 Official Benchmarks Leaked

Official benchmark slides of AMD eight core FX-8150 processor are leaked by DonanimHaber ahead of official launch. According to these slides, Intel’s current line-up is in lots of trouble especially their top end Core i7 980x and their top end non-extreme processor, Core i7 2600K. According to AMD, their ‘Bulldozer’ based FX-8150 is neck to neck with Intel’s $1000 ultimate offering, the Core i7 980x, in most games but costs almost 25%. AMD FX-8150 is expected to be priced at $245.

Its around 20% faster than Intel Core i5 2500K in multi-threaded applications, when compared with $315 Core i7 2600K, if offers as much as 10-20% extra performance. It has around 20-30% performance benefit over Core i5 2500K at triple monitor Eyefinity gaming.

Other benefits it has over LGA1155 Sandy Bridge processors is the native support of DDR3 1866 MHz memory along with PCIe x16 CrossFireX support for up to two graphics cards.

AMD also points out that an FX -8150 could offer similar performance as the Intel Core i7 980x with saving you around $800 for complete system.

Three AMD FX series CPU that will be available on launch day (i.e. 12th Oct) are six core FX-6100 ($175), eight core FX-8120 ($205) and FX-8150 ($245). If all these claims made by AMD are true then Intel is in for a great price/performance shock.

Source: DonanimHaber