Radeon HD 7970 Price Cuts Not Coming Any Time Soon

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 wowed everyone with its amazing performance and on top of that its ‘low’ price of $499 as compared to AMD’s top dog which is priced that $549. This made most of us think AMD will probably decrease their prices to match NVIDIA and to stay relevant but that didn’t happen as yet and according to some sources inside the industry told Hardware Canucks that it wouldn’t be happening any time soon.

There are a couple of reasons behind this. The biggest reason is the availability. When AMD launched Radeon HD 7970, they didn’t have much stock to offer but right before NVIDIA GTX 680 release a lot of HD 7970 cards miraculously started to appear but NVIDIA’s GTX 680 is out-of-stock from every shop. So, this still renders the HD 7970 to be fastest GPU ‘available’ right now and people are still paying 50 bucks extra for it cause they don’t have any other choice.

Some sources also told to Hardware Canucks that AMD will not decrease their prices until NVIDIA will have their complete GTX 600 series out in the market or graphics card manufacturers flood the market with GTX 680s and both of these possibilities aren’t going to happen any time soon. This means that AMD can still enjoy some prime time.

Another problem that is being discussed along with others is that AMD will not be able to drop the price of HD 7970 cause Tahiti GPU is expensive to make and after price decrease they wouldn’t be able to cover manufacturing expenses. One more thing that is to note here is that AMD’s whole HD 7000 series line-up is priced at a $100 distance from each other with the exception of HD 7750. This means that if AMD drops the price of HD 7970 they will have to shake things all the way down to the HD 7750 which is very unlikely to happen.

Despite of all this, AMD’s mid-end cards are enjoying very good time at market and currently they are gamers’ best options.

Source: Hardware Canucks