Apple Patents the MacBook Air Design, Ultrabooks are in Danger

Apple was just awarded with 19 patents and one of them is about MacBook Air design which credits the late CEO Steve Jobs and his team for the design. Looking at Apple’s history, they could use this against Ultrabook manufacturers and try to get them blocked in USA. Ultrabooks are Windows based notebooks that have slim and light design like MacBook Air. These were made to compete the Air.

Just before this patent was awarded on Valentine’s day, Apple pressured, Pegatron, one of the their Taiwanese supplier to cease ASUS ZenBook production which has a very similar design to MacBook Air. Pegatron is now reported to the cease the production in March which will leave ASUS looking for another supplier. Previously, Pegatron is an iPhone manufacturer.

If Apple plans to use this patent against Ultrabook manufacturers like they went against Android then all of them are in for a big danger along with Intel. More than a dozen of manufacturers have put out their Ultrabook in market and many more models are coming. There is a simple way to get away from this patent, that is by designing something different. Ultrabooks like Lenovo Ideapad U300s or HP Spectre should be clear but Ultrabooks from Dell, Samsung and ASUS UX31 should start getting their lawyers ready.

Source: PatentlyApple